Gabby Catania, Licensed Vet, Talks Organic Alternatives

I’ve been vocal on this blog about why organic options are important to me. I believe in traditional vet medicine—but if there is a reliable organic option, I’m always going to give that a chance over putting unnecessary chemicals in Jolene’s body. That’s a big reason why I was passionate about joining the Guard Dog family.


But can we trust organic products to get the job done? I decided to take that question to Gabrielle Catania, a recent veterinary school graduate. If her name is familiar, that may be because you’re a fan of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey: Gabby Catania is the daughter of RHONJ star Dolores Catania.


But here it’s not about reality TV. I got Gabby Catania—who passed her Veterinary Licensing Examination in December and is eager to start practicing in New Jersey—on the phone to talk about becoming a vet and what people in her profession really think about organic options.


GUARD DOG: Congratulations on passing your Veterinary Licensing Examination. What made you want to become a vet?


GABRIELLE CATANIA: It’s probably like the same story you’d get from a lot of people who become a vet. I've always really, really liked animals, and I figured that one way or another that I'm going to be working with animals. Growing up, I thought maybe I’d, like, be a horse trainer or own a dog shelter. But, on top of loving animals, I love medical science. I think how the body works is so incredible. And I think that with just all the progress that we've made in medicine, vet med is way behind human medicine. But it’s an exciting to be involved in vet medicines in a time where we have so many advances. That is really rad.


So, I’ve told you all about how I prefer organic products after our family dog was prescribed flea and tick medicine that led to fatal seizures. What are your feelings about organic products?

GB: It’s unfortunate that we haven’t allowed more room for organic medicine research. In our training, we aren’t presented with enough evidence about organic and nontraditional options for me to be allowed to say, “Hey, this is what you should do,” because I have nothing outside of anecdotal evidence to say that it's a good idea. For instance, so many times they tell people flea and tick medication is super safe, and it's very rare that we have any side effects. But when it happens to your dog, it's not rare. So I love that alternatives exist, and I am excited to see more research come out so that we can have a more solid base to recommend those as doctors.


I’ll be asking Gabrielle Catania more FAQs about dog and pet care in coming weeks, so return to this space for more vet advice and commentary.

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